Bulls Car Care

The bulls car care products best for car detailing & optimizing!

There are three most important car care products which are necessary for car detailing and optimizing.

Bulls All Purpose Cleaner

It’s a well known new product for every car lover. It is formulated with high-end luxury vehicles in mind, it uses biological enzymes to decompose stains, and achieve a clean, more environmentally friendly, and non-toxic effect.

This allows even the finest and most delicate of the car interior to be cleaned without fear of fading, cracking, or stiffening with age.

With Bulls car care products, you can make your old car looking new just like the day you bought it.

Whether you are cleaning plastic, seats, vinyl rubber, plastic or carpet, Bulls All-Purpose Cleaner is a truly unique product. Specifically tailored to handle the requirements of sensitive interior surfaces. Truly satisfactory result oriented product.

How to Use

  1. Open the shower lock and turn it into spray option.
  2. Spray on your dirty surface which you want to clean.
  3. Rub with soft brush(Recommended).
  4. wipe with clean towel/clothe.
  5. Repeat the process if needed.
  6. To protect your clean car and for best long lasting results use “Bulls Interior Dressing” as a conditioner.

Bulls Interior & Exterior Care

Bulls car interior & exterior dressing perfect to refresh and restore interior plastic and vinyl. Protects against future contaminants. The bulls car dressing product makes your car parts back to brand new look in just five minutes. As a result you got non-greasy or oily. Its water-based formula, helps to prevent dryness, away dirt & grime from your car.

  • High Gloss/Mate formula
  • New Car Fragrance
  • Plastic and Vinyl Protector.
  • Helps to prevent from cracking.
  • Away from dust & grim.
  • Prevent from dryness.
  • Durable long lasting shine & protectant.

Bulls Tire Shiner & Protectant

It’s the final step after washing and cleaning all the dirt and grime from your car. That’s the right & recommended time, when you should use bulls tire shiner & protectant for your vehicle’s tire look & safety. After using this water-based product your vehicle’s tire should protect and have a rich satin finish like brand new. A good tire shiner must offer more than just shine, it has to be protectant and help to prevent fading, dryness and cracking. You should go the extra mile, to take things turns into the next level. Mostly available in spray or gel form, tire shine gives your car’s tires a wet look for a final high-gloss pop that helps it stand out from others. Important part of your vehicle optimizer.

Quantity: 500ml

Benefits of Tire Shiner & Protectant:

  • High gloss formula.
  • Restore Original Blackness.
  • Tire Optimizer.
  • Rinse Free.
  • Rubber Protector.
  • Helps to prevent from cracking.
  • Away from dust & grim.
  • Prevent from dryness.
  • Prevent from road elements, salts and harmful UV rays.
  • Increase vehicle’s tire life.
  • Durable Long Lasting Shine & Protectant.

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