Bulls All Purpose Cleaner 500ml With Microfiber Towel + Detailing Brush


  • Waterless Cleaning Formula
  • Quick Cleaner
  • Premium Quality
  • Detailing Brush (High Quality Bros)
  • Microfiber Towel (40×40 cm) Superior Quality Double Sided, Diamond Cut, Original 850GSM.
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Bulls All Purpose Cleaner is a well known new product for every car lover.

Specially formulated with high-end luxury vehicles in mind. It uses biological enzymes to decompose stains, and achieve a clean. More environmentally friendly, also non-toxic effect.

It allows even the finest and most delicate of the car interior. Now use this cleaner without fear of fading, cracking, or stiffening with age.

Bulls All Purpose Cleaner is more than capable of tackling a wide variety of tough organic and inorganic based stains. Like oil grease, food, mildew, grass, mud & silicone-based dressings can all be removed. As a result you will make your old car looks new just like the day you bought it.

Whether you are cleaning plastic, seats, vinyl rubber, plastic or carpet. This cleaner is a truly unique product. It will specifically tailor to handle the sensitive interior surfaces requirements. From modern ‘soft-touch’ plastics, to badly stained carpets. Even neglected vintage vinyl, Bulls All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for the task.

How to Use

  1. Open the shower lock and turn it into spray option.
  2. The surface which needs to be clean, simply spray on it.
  3. Rub with soft brush(not recommended for headliner).
  4. Wipe with clean towel/clothe.
  5. For protect your clean car and for best long lasting results always use “Bulls Interior Dressing” as a protectant.

Car Detailing Tips:

  • For best results always use the best detailing brush (Recommended).
  • For the prevention of extra dryness or damages, make sure never use ordinary cleaners like (surf, dish wash, soap or any home made product).
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